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Artisanal soy sauce

I’ve been tasting several soy sauces lately.  The difference between grocery store bought balsamic vinegar or olive oil compared to artisanal ones are enormous, so enormous that this would be for another day, another long post.  I don’t remember what my mom used when she was in Korea other than the fact that she had several different types of soy sauce, but ever since we moved to the States, she’s been using Yamasa instead of more accessible Kikkoman.  A couple of Japanese restaurants I worked at during my poor years preferred Kikkoman over Yamasa for some unknown reason…

Yamasa, the other standard

Yamasa, the other standard

The standard.  Kind of.

Kikkoman, the actual standard

…because these two are pretty damn similar.  Very salty.  Low sodium ones always suck a little more than regular ones.  This cannot possibly be the only options, right?  I mean, this is like choosing Bertoli versus Colavita.  There are subtle differences, yes, but really?  No.  I tasted some more:

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